Spiced Rum Ice Cream


1/4 cup raisins, soaked in 100mL spiced rum, overnight

3 yolks

½ cup sugar

375mL milk 75 mL cream


1.Start straining the raisins, squeezing it lightly over a fine strainer. Reserve the rum.

2.Bring milk, cream, and half the sugar to heat in a pot.

3.In a separate bowl, stir together yolks and rest of sugar.

4.Once the milk mixture is reaching 50C warmth, gradually pour the milk into the bowl of yolks  and sugar, whisking constantly as you pour.

5.Scrape the warmed yolks and cream mixture into the pot.

6.Over consistent low-medium heat, and stirring constantly with a spatula until your custard  thickens enough to coat a spoon, at 84C.

7.Switch off heat and immediately pour the cream mixture through a strainer into a wide bowl  and cool it immediately in the fridge.

8.Once cooled down completely, fold in raisins and reserved rum.

9.Freeze the custard into one CREAMi™ container.

10.Once your ice cream base has been frozen overnight (or at least a minimum of 12 hours),  you can start to lock it into the CREAMi™ and click the ice cream button once.

11.Because of the richness in this ice cream, depending on your freezer temperature and how  frozen your base is, you may encounter snow like and powder like consistency after the first  round. If that happens, simply re-lock it in and click re-spin. It will come back out a smooth ice  cream texture.


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